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Sky High Wellbeing

Welcome to Sky High Wellbeing! We offer wellbeing advice specifically tailored to flight attendants. From eating well while down route and managing jet lag, to practising mindfulness and increasing resilience, our aim is to help all cabin crew stay healthy both mentally and physically. Enjoy!

What is Sky High Wellbeing?

Sky High Wellbeing aims to help flight attendants enhance their physical and mental health.

As flight attendants, we’re very familiar with the term “put on your own oxygen mask before helping others”. What if we took this literally and applied it to our lives? We spend our working lives looking after other people - to be able to do this effectively and in a professional manner, we need to look after ourselves first!

We also face health obstacles in our job and while it's not possible for us to avoid all of them, Sky High Wellbeing hopes that these online resources will give your wellbeing a boost. Happy flying!

flight attendant
flight attendant

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