Spirituality is an increasingly important part of our overall health. Mindfulness is about not feeling down about the past or worried about the future – it is focused on living in the now. Mindfulness encourages more awareness of the present moment and awareness of both physical and mental feelings.

  • A simple guide to mindfulness is to stop, take some deep breaths and observe what you are doing or feeling
  • Mindfulness increases our resilience and ability to deal with stress
  • Mindfulness has been said to increase awareness and focus of staff in safety-critical jobs (ie. cabin crew, especially when arming/disarming a slide)
  • Mindfulness allows for a mental/physical ‘pause’ or ‘step back’ and gives us enhanced ability in choosing what to do next. This 'stepping back' allows detachment to thoughts and feelings
  • Be aware of the present moment
  • Live in the moment
  • React to things the way they are, not how you want them to be
  • If a person finds themselves in a bad or uncomfortable situation, mindfulness can help the person understand that there is a need for change in that situation, rather than feeling like they need to simply adapt to that situation
  • Mindfulness can reduce worry about the past and/or the future which leads to anxiety and stress
  • Mindfulness encourages self-awareness and acceptance which leads to more beneficial thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Mindfulness is heavily associated with Buddhism
  • Mindfulness is a way that individuals can enhance their wellbeing at work and also develop psychological flexibility, helping us to cope with stress and change management
  • Psychological flexibility, mindfulness and compassion are all strongly linked
  • Through this increased awareness, we develop an ability to detach ourselves from our thoughts and feelings. We learn to say “I notice that I am feeling….” instead of “I am…..”
  • Through this, we can notice our issues without desperately feeling the need to control them
  • We can practice greater psychology flexibility when faced with problems and/or change