Meet Laura

Psychology graduate, flight attendant and founder of Sky High Wellbeing.

flight attendant

Hello! I’m Laura and I'm a long-haul flight attendant with two psychology degrees. During and after university, I found that the areas of psychology that I was most interested in are coaching, positive psychology and wellbeing at work. I want to combine these areas with my love for being cabin crew, and I'm passionate about offering services to flight attendants to help them strengthen their physical and mental wellbeing. I'm also a qualified Mental Health First Aider.
 When I first started flying long-haul back in March 2016, I instantly loved the job - I feel so lucky that I get to do something that I enjoy for a living! However, that doesn't mean that the job comes without its health issues.  For me, the biggest issue when I started flying long-haul was sleep. I began doing my own research on how I can stay fit and well while navigating jet-lag, constantly changing time zones and working night flights (as a morning person, this was something that was difficult for me to get used to)! I created Sky High Wellbeing with the aim of helping other flight attendants overcome some of the physical and mental challenges that can be a part of our job.
 Now, I want to use my own experiences and knowledge to help other flight attendants thrive so they can bring their best self to work everyday and feel amazing. I start by looking at the basics of health and wellbeing, such as diet, exercise and sleep. Then I like to delve deeper into practices such as mindfulness and resilience.
 I offer online resources and I hope to start running retreats soon which will give you the tools to reach sky high wellbeing. The retreats will be interactive - I will offer my knowledge but also ask YOU what you want to gain from our time together.
 If you would like to find out more, please e-mail