• Eat fruit at breakfast. It can be difficult to eat healthy when we're down route and this is such an easy way to make sure you're getting at least some of your 5-a-day!
  • If possible, go to supermarket down route to pick up fruit, veg, water and healthy snacks
  • Take as much crew water as you physically can off the aircraft – but obviously make sure that the rest of the crew have plenty water too!
  • Exercising at the hotel using the gym and pool is fantastic, but don’t be afraid to venture out of the hotel to get a workout. I’m so in love with SoulCycle - if you haven’t tried it, download the app and see if there is a studio nearby on your next layover!
  • Be organised. I like to get things ready for my next flight (eg. uniform, unpack and repack suitcase) as soon as I get to my hotel room, meaning that I'm free to enjoy the rest of my layover!
  • Make an effort to keep your hotel room nice and tidy, as this will put you in a calmer state of mind and help you sleep better